Lunch Date Client Testimonials

Clare F., 27 - Graphic Design
I used:
a recruiter - to find my job
a realtor - to find my house
a personal trainer - to keep fit
a dating service - to find my husband. Thank you Lunch Date!
Ryan Y. , 36 - Market Research
Does it work? You be the judge. Joined Lunch Date - was set up on two dates the first month - second date was a great fit; instant chemistry. I was engaged eight months later, I'm now married with a baby on the way. Where else could I have had this success.
Stacy T., 36 - Advertising
I relocated to Cleveland from New York in Jan. 2005. Knowing hardly anyone outside of work I needed an avenue to meet people. I contacted Lunch Date hoping they could help, and help they did! Within 48 hours I was contacted about my first date, a date that lasted 4 hours and someone I'm still friends with today. I was impressed with the matches, the organization as a whole, and the passion Mike has for his business.
Robert T ., 52 - Physician
Dating at 52 is not an easy thing. I met Mike and felt comfortable from the start. He explained the program in depth and answered every question that I had. It's obvious how passionate he is about his business. He listened carefully to my feedback and found me my partner in life. Lunch Date filled a huge void.
Amanda R., 51 - Finance
If you're serious about wanting a relationship look no further. Lunch Date works with those that are sincere in their search. They work hard, listen carefully, and come through with matches that work. It's amazing how accurate their descriptions are of the people that I met. The personalization they offer makes you feel cared about.
Mia P., 42 Attorney
I am a divorced mother with two young children and am extremely cautious in my personal life. I felt very comfortable with Lunch Date as Mike meets every client and makes all selections. It's almost like being fixed up by a friend the way they work. The best part about it was how accurate the profiles were that were presented to me. The process is safe, casual, and effective. My advice to others - what are you waiting for, go for it.
Brian R., 44 - Engineer
I tried the Internet for two years unsuccessfully. It was a huge time commitment and a major disappointment. Being a busy executive with a busy travel schedule I needed an avenue for meeting the right people in a dignified way. A coworker who worked with Lunch Date a few years back suggested I call. Wow was I surprised. Mike came to my office and spent an hour with me asking me about myself and specifically what I was seeking. Within the first month I was no longer on the market. It's great having your own personal matchmaker.